Runaway Luna Flag Enamel Pin (Pre-Order)

Runaway Luna Flag Enamel Pin (Pre-Order)

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Normaler Preis

A big fluffy boy meant for some autograph, quote, or just beautiful Luna Pride! 
The flag remains a nice open space for a chosen autograph, your favorite quote, or just to admire in all its pear swirl glory. 

**Sharpie pens work well along with sharpie paint pens. These pens can still smear if you rub forcefully. Please handle with care until you can seal! 

Pre-Order Closes March 14th at 6pm! 

***This is a PRE-ORDER. Which means you may not have this pin in-hand for 1 to possibly 2 months. Please do not order if you are not ok with waiting. 

Material: ROSE Gold Metal, Hard Enamel - very durable! 
Dimensions: 4" long
Comes with Rubber back.